DigitalSkills.Info is a not for profit organization who’s members teach each other digital skills, being initially developed by David Danforth.

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Opportunity knocks

A few years ago, I quit drinking and gave up a freewheeling lifestyle. I needed to create a new life for myself, and decided to get serious about tech.

I could see clearly, how if I had been focused growing up – if I had consistently created and worked towards almost anything online – by now I would have likely found my way into a number of profitable ventures.

I could see, also, just as clearly, that the potential is greater than ever, and I refused to let that opportunity pass by anymore.

The shortest distance between two points

by @amanshuraikwar

Since then, I’ve become something of a full-time student. I’ve listened to thousand of podcasts (my favorite educational medium) listening for countless hours on everything from philosophy to complexity theory. I’ve put in time reading hacker news and following accounts from various technical industries, on twitter, all day every day.

In that way, I’ve learned how people in various industries communicate and how they look at world, seeking to discover the scope and boundaries of various technical domains, and their intersections with more traditional domains.

I’ve learned to use Linux, OSX, and how to use tools written in a variety of different programming languages. I learned to publish websites for free on GitHub, deploy web applications in the cloud, and used services such as AWS Free Tier for tasks including automatic transcriptions, running a server in the cloud, and setting up my own vpn.

While I didn’t need to do all that to be employable online, concentrating my attention on difficult subjects helped me through the most difficult years of my early recovery.

Looking back, there are a number of more direct routes I could have taken towards a sustainable income.

Sharing the Wealth

We are rapidly becoming immersed in the digital age. The potential to create the world you want to live in, and enjoy the lifestyle you’d like to create, is so much greater in the digital sphere, than by more traditional career options. You don’t need to be stuck with whatever opportunities happen to be available where you live.

The point of DigitalSkills.Info is to create a path through digital literacy towards digital excellence and opportunity. I’ll be creating every guide I can think of, to get people from knowing nothing about computers, to earning a living with them.

Once I’ve created enough content, and gather some interest in the project, others will also contribute, until we have that path cleared for all-comers.

As far as I can tell, traditional institutions have completely failed us in this matter, and the market for digital literacy is really just revving up. There’s plenty of room for a not-for-profit organization whos members teach each-other digital skills and experiment with new models for education.


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